• 03 Dec , 2018
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Being interviewed now a day has become a common factor while we approach to different people in our day to day life. In every field of our life we face interviews, but do we even know that what all aspects needs to be taken care of and prepared before we set ourselves to face the interviews? Interview is not only about your educational background or your college marksheets, instead it covers and considers every single aspect starting from your educational background, considering your personality, your answering skills and what not! To make yourself worth facing an interview lets understand the aspects which is being considered by the interview panel :

1)  Attire :  

The first thing that the panel looks at when the candidate enters the room is the Attire! Formal Attire with a proper tie, polished shoes with well groomed face is what attracts the panel. First Impression is the last impression can be very well applied at this stage.   Ideal attire is a good kick start to your interview.

2)  Communication :

The interview between the candidate and the panel is initiated by making the candidate comfortable with the entire flow. Proceeding with the conversation panel usually analyses the language accent, fluency, assertion, voice modulation, body language, clarity, and precise to the point. Quality of the communication holds much importance.

3)  Analytical Skills  :  

It basically focuses on problem solving skill of a candidate. The Panel often poses a question before the candidate post which they expect the candidate to come out with a satisfactory answer. They even test the thinking abilities of the candidate by briefing them about the problem and asking for solutions which let them think out of the box.

4)  Organizing Skills  :

This is to analyse if the candidate is organised and managed with the work. Candidates are more often asked with several questions in terms of their study plan, cultural event so as to identify how much the candidate organised is.

5)  Leadership Skills  : 

Being Leader is one of the essential qualities which is being looked upon by many of the companies. Evaluating the participativeness of  a candidate accompanied by his participation in various events and his ability of leading a team as a leader is what is being considered.

6)  The Intelligence Level  :  

Putting the candidate in a situation where they get to face questions challenging their intelligence and knowledge quotient helps the Panel decide on the ability of a candidate.

7)  Multitasking Skill  :  

The Panel judge if the candidate has got multitasking ability in themselves. Focusing on one aspect is not what the panel wants, a distributed focus and the ability of multitasking is what they prefer for.

8)  Team Co Ordination  :  

Working in a company requires working with a team of experts. The Panel here analyses how good the candidate is when it comes to co coordinating and working with others Psychometric tests and also his extra-curricular will show this quality.

9)  Commitment and Dedication  :  

This ability is the root of every job we perform in our life. The Panel is checks on the level of commitment and dedication a candidate holds, as only this will help the panel decide on a candidate’s consistency and duration for getting associated with the firm.

10)  Agility  :  

Presence of my mind, listening skill, alertness and body language, assertiveness and balance of moods are also considered to be one of the most important aspects while choosing the right candidate for the firm. A combination of all these skills is what makes a candidate turn out to be unique of all.





Considering all the above given points while appearing for an interview in a renowned company is sure to set you the best of the slot. Interview skills is a place where a little training can go extremely long way. AYM Engineering Institute's interview skills training is the kind that can last a lifetime.