Difference between CV , Resume and Biodata

  • 05 May , 2018
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Job Proposals, hearing this the first thing that comes in our mind is Resume ? Biodata? CV? What is to be considered to match the levels of Job Proposals and so as to ensure that we do no lack in any of the aspects of going as per the predetermined guidelines of presenting ourselves in form of Resume/Biodata/CV. Lets clear the confusion today between these three terms. There have been so many formats proposed in the different organization that we appliers are tend get confused and decide which one is the best one. Each of the three have their own individual meaning and importance but being a job seeker you should know all the different formats and their correct usage too.

CV – Curriculum Vitae :

CV in the actual sense means Course of Life. This clearly indicates that a small version of your life has to be put down into words in some definite number of pages. This is specifically used when your motive is to describe your life in a detailed format. It can be called as a mini biography too the only thing here is you are defining yourself in terms of the job you are applying for and not bringing any of your personal matters into this. CV is not customized as per the needs of the firm, but is more or less the same everytime. Certain points pertaining to CV that you need to make yourself are as follows :

  • CV is mainly used by college students or fresh graduates who are in search of job. It can also be used by the one who is in search of a new job or who has no experience of new industries.
  • CV has no limit in terms of pages, but generally it can be between 4-6 page.
  • CV demands you to describe in detail about your career objectives which also means that you will have to modify it as per the job you are applying for.
  • You have to be clear and descriptive about each of your talents, skills and capabilities.
  • All your past job experiences needs to be mentioned in detail either in chronological order category wise.
  • A CV is always accompanied by a cover letter which is presented before CV. It is used to write down the summary of the CV in a single page. This makes it easy to filter through different CV and pick read only worthy ones.


Resume is said to be a French word the meaning of which is summary in English. As the name says, Resume is to precisely summarize your skills and deeds in less number of pages. It is specifically used for the ones who have years of experience and are now looking for a job change or the ones who are applying for the jobs in those industries where the importance of Skills is more compared to the academic achievements. The points to consider for Resume are as follows :

  • Resume demands you to mention only those skills and experiences which are relevant and important for the job you are applying for.
  • Resume is written with the motive of showcasing only those points which you think will impress the recruiter and can show you better when compared to other applicants.
  • Resume is mostly of 1-3 pages nothing more than that.
  • Events and achievements can be written in your resume either in reverse chronological order or as per the functional order explaining how your skills can be helpful for fulfilling job requirements.


Biodata stands for Biographical data which states more about life and events. Biodata is more focused on describing the personal information of an individual. Biodata has been restricted now a days in many of the government offices and institutions. The points to be taken care of in terms of Biodata are as follows :

  • A biodata usually consists of your personal data like your name, age, gender, caste, academic details, creed and other sensitive information which you may otherwise not disclose to others.
  • You need to be very careful and protective when you share your information with someone.
  • The format of Biodata is almost the same for all the institutions.
  • Biodata can be between 1-3 pages depending upon the information you need to put in paper.
  • Now a days Biodata is not acceptable by majority of firms and organizations. But still it plays an important role if you need to provide your personal information.


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