Digital Literacy In The 21st Century

  • 05 Jan , 2019
  • Admin

The combined effects of digital technologies have highly influenced the human behavior like never before.

Digital Technology serves us with lot many benefits. It helps us with the platforms letting us connect and collaborate with people across the globe. It offers us with new opportunities where we can get a chance to learn and make ourselves aware with the issues going around us. Digital world has empowered the innovation in the most unique way which was beyond the imagination few years back.

Drastic change in the technology has influenced every single aspect of our lives. When it comes to the field of Education, Digital Literacy impact is the most. When it comes to preparing students to face the world, Digital Literacy is essentially significant. But do we know what exactly it is? Let’s check.



What is Digital Literacy ?

Many people considers Digital Literacy to be the same like Computer Literacy, but it is not so. Digital Literacy demands critical thinking, awareness of all required standards of behavior which are expected in online environment. It also required detailed understanding of the shared social issues establishes by Digital Technologies. To put it in simple words:


Digital Literacy = Digital Tool Knowledge + Critical Thinking + Social Engagement



In order to become digital citizens, it is important to make citizens a part of Digital Literacy. It is important to make the citizens aware with the use of technology around them which can make the interaction with the whole world easy and effective.

Digital Literacy should be considered as the fourth pillar of a child’s education by resourcing it as per the need.

Digital Literacy is very important in this generation, below given advantages of Digital Literacy states the need of it:

  • It helps to build Collaboration which enables us to work with other enhancing our interpersonal skills
  • It brings out the Creativity within us which helps us meeting the entrepreneurial challenges by bringing in more new ideas.
  • It develops our Critical Thinking Ability by helping us in analyzing information, identifying the connections and deriving meaningful conclusion by applying it to the real world.
  • It serves us with a deeper understanding of the complex issues developing our Citizenshipbringing out a viable solution to the problems
  • It helps in timely development of our Character by churning human traits like grit, tenacity, perseverance, and resilience; making it a significant part of our lives.
  • It develops our Communication Skills by letting us effectively communicate with other through varied tools and methodologies.

How to Introduce Digital Literacy in your Lessons ?

Teach Students on online safety well known as E – Safety, by helping them with the guidelines of protecting their confidential information like personal information, including passwords and the distribution of photographs on Internet. Make students aware with Fake News, guiding them on not getting carried away with fake advertising. Teach the students to focus more on ethical thinking.

How to Improve Digital Literacy in Educational Centers ?

  1. Collaborate with the institutes who are already is indulged in Digital Literacy. This will improve the cross curricular learning and will lead in the maximization of the resources across departmental boundaries.
  2. Create Modern Classrooms with newly developed methods like  collaborative learning, student-led learning, and flipped classrooms this will not only enhance the knowledge of the students but will also develop their interests
  3. Make your Lessons Digital by implementing the use of Active Panels and free educational software to develop the habit of the students learning online.
  4.  Engage your Teachers and Pupils by making them enter in the world of online helping them with the acceptance of modern techniques and replacing the old ones.

To end up it can be very well said, not only the teachers, students are adapting Digital Literacy even the Indian Government has adapted it by turning every transaction to Digital Transaction. With due respect to our Government, it is our duty to readily accept the change and show our support towards the growth and development of our Nation.