Final Year Project Ideas For IT Students

  • 24 Dec , 2018
  • Admin

Computer engineering leads to the integration of varied fields pertaining to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It helps in the development of Computer Hardware and SoftwareEngineering students often find it confusing to choose and decide which project can be done for their final year. To make it easy for those students, below given is the list of top projects that can be made for Final Year.

  • Event Management System :

Event Management System (EMS) is called to be a Web Base Application. It manages the online control of event training programs organised in form of various workshops or seminars. EMS was developed a source of solution provider to the problems being faced while managing and evaluating the feedback forms. It also leads to generation of accurate reports timely.

  • Secured Mail System :

With the use of encryption algorithm, the organizational mailing system can be secured. Entire Communication in-house is being done via mailing system only. All the detailed information regarding any of the employees can be easily obtained by the one who has an access of the database. Such secured system let the data remain confidential and completely secured.

  • Unique ID Management :

Submitting long list of documents so as to avail the benefits of government services at times seems to be a task for many of us. To overcome this, UID number is generated which aids the government to track down an individual and which would not ask for submission of multiple documents, but will only require the important ones. The UID management system will store all the required details pertaining to an individual.

  • Online Recruitment System :

Online Recruitment System leads to the development of Web-Based and Central Recruitment Process System. This system is developed with a motive of providing an ease to the HR group of a company. This system helps in conducting all the hiring processes to be undertaken online starting from Creation of the vacancies ending to finally hiring an individual. This system is even beneficial for the job seekers all across the world, which helps them to apply and appear for the exam online.

  • Library Management System :

Library Management System adds automation to all the basic library functions in day-to-day operation. The software allows the system to be user friendly. Right from searching, issuing to updating of the information everything is well managed system in an easy way.

  • Training And Placement Cell :

The TPC system helps in easy storage of all the personal information of the trainees, which then helps in sharing the CV further. This system is online which gives the allowance to anyone throughout the organisation to access the system as and when needed. This system is even beneficial for the TPO as it can be used by them to manage the storage of student’s information.

  • Finger Print Verification System :

This system has 3 stages to fulfill our need, a) alignment based fingerprint matching, b) fuzzy clustering, and c) classifier framework. In the initial steps, Match score is completed by aligning a fingerprint image with the template. The fuzzy clustering enhances the performance as it is based on the distance and density clusters. Towards the end, Classifier framework helps in finding the cost sensitive classifier leading to the production of better and enhanced results.

  • Image Steganography :

This project is developed with the purpose of hiding information in any of the image files. The user here gets two options either to encrypt or decrypt while the user runs the application. Encrypt option, the application selects the image file, the information on the same and gives an option to save it. On selecting decrypt, the application allows the selection of the screen which then selects the image file and asks for the path where the secret file can be saved.


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