Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

  • 05 Jan , 2019
  • Admin

Hard Skills and Soft Skills, most of us are confused between both the terms and consider it to be almost the same. But it is not actually so. Both the terminologies have their own respective differences and the major ones are as stated below :

  1. If you want to develop your hard skills, IQ i.e the left brain needs to be more logical and developed. If you wish to develop your Soft Skillls, EQ i.e the right brain needs to be more active.
  2. Hard skills commonly include biology, chemistry, math, statistics. Whereas Soft Skills commonly include Self Confidence, stress management, people skills, communication skills etc.
  3. Possessing Hard Skills does not demand you to change as it is almost the same in every organization. What change is Soft Skills. The rules of soft skills differ from company to company depending on the work culture and the company people around you.
  4. Hard Skills can be inculcated in you from the books you have in your schools or colleges. On the other hand, soft skills are something not taught in school or college but it is self developed skills.


Importance of hard skills and soft skills relies completely on the course, the field you choose, the reason for this is as below :

Career or job prospect can be categorized in 3 different ways :

a) Career that is more focused on hard skills with a little need of soft skills. Eg. Web Developers, these people may not be able to work with other but that will hardly matter for them as their brilliant minds makes them successful quite easily.

b) Career that is more focused on soft skills and a little of hard skills. Eg. A salesman does not need to know much about the product but they should have good communication skills, ability to read their customer, persuasion skills etc to grow in their career.

c) Career that has equal importance of both hard and soft skills. Eg. Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, Doctors etc are the categories who not only need hard skills but soft skills as well. Equal proportion of both the types of skills leads them to the path of success.

Hard Skills are bound to be inculcated in you since your childhood, what takes time is getting hold of soft skills and embracing those skills in you. Soft Skills are quite difficult to learn and the sources to imbibe soft skills within yourself is also comparatively less considering which it can be said that Soft Skills are more important in majority of the careers as without it your career path tends to slow down in terms of growth and development.


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