How To Crack An Interview

  • 17 Apr , 2018
  • Admin

Many of the people have a fear inside them which stops them from applying for a job. The fear of facing an interview leads an individual towards sleepless nights, loss of appetite and anxiety. There is nothing to panic while you sit for an interview, its just you need to make yourself aware with the requirements of passing the interview with flying colors. Once you prepare yourself well for the interview you are sure to crack the interview successfully than what you expected for.


Tips to crack the Interview Effectively :


  • Overcome the fear of Rejection :

Majority of the people get panic while they face an interview not because they have nervousness in them, but because they have a thought running in their minds and saying what if you get rejected? Overcome this fear first. There is nothing wrong if you have to face the rejection. All those rejections will ultimately make you strong enough to fight against it and at the end of the day it does not stop you from achieving what you have aimed for!

  • Understand the Job Requirements :

Read and analyse the job description minutely before you sit for the interview. This will give you an idea of the expectation recruiter hold expects out of you. It will also give you an idea if your capabilities and talents will fit in as per the job requirements.

  • Bring the best of you on the table :

The need of job is not only yours; the organization too is in need of hiring a good candidate. Do not show them that you are left with the only option of this job. Don’t let them take you for granted. Focus on your best skills and put the ones on the table which you think the organization expects and need out of you.

  • Know the company well :

Study and research about the company before you appear for the interview. Make yourself aware with the history, mission, vision and objectives of the company as that will help you answer asked question confidently and accurately. Research on their future plans as that will enable you to align your job role and can make the aware on how well you can benefit them.

  • Be prepared for the Worst :

Prepare a list of all the common question you think are asked during an interview. Practice all those questions well in advance and try to make it more interesting for the recruiter to listen.

  • Ensure to be punctual :

Never fail to reach the company for the interview on the given time. Reaching late is the worst impression you create on the recruiter. Ensure to reach 10-15 minutes before as that will show yoursincerity towards the job you have applied for.

  • Prepare a Well Organised CV :

The biggest mistakes most of the job appliers make is fabricating the CV and showcasing what they actually do not possess. The companies are smart enough to identify the flaws in your CV. So it is better to update your CV as per the current industry standards and showcase only those particulars which actually belong to you

  • Dress up well and hold a great body language :

You are going to be judged on what you will wear to the interview. Ensure to dress neatly and professional. Formals should be well ironed, shoes should be clean and hair should be neat and tidy. Also keep a check on your body gestures and movements. Sit straight and ensure to maintain eye contact with the recruiter.

  • Be honest and Flexible :

Be honest during an interview. If you do not know the answer for any question be honest enough to confess rather than acting oversmart or giving wrong answers. Be flexible enough to compromise on certain things that is out of your comfort zone. Organizations appreciate those who are honest and have a flexible approach towards them.

  • Salary Negotiations :

Never demand for the salary that is not realistic as per the job applied. This might create a negative impression of yours. Research well on the salary offerings as per the industry standards so as to make yourself aware with salary benchmarks for the similar job profiles.


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