How To Get Employed By Learning Mobile App Development

  • 03 Dec , 2018
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With rapid development in Technology, IT industry now a days is flooded with job opportunities and offers the youth with many options of the career paths they can opt for. Out of all those, one is sure to stand out of the crowd which is Android App Developer.

With rapid development in Technology, IT industry now a days is flooded with job opportunities and offers the youth with many options of the career paths they can opt for. Out of all those, one is sure to stand out of the crowd which is Android App Developer.

With increasing number of start-ups, the demand of App developers is simultaneously increasing with it for which they are even being paid well on the grounds of their capabilities. With big giants like Flipkart, Myntra sustaining in the market, such big firms prefer to channelize their offerings just via apps in the absence of web environment which is leading to an increased demand of mobile front.

The Attractions of Mobile App Development 


  • The freedom to design something new and fresh.
  • The opportunity of reinventing the usage of mobile technology.
  • With access to internet and good amount of knowledge, the app developers can reach the peaks of success by working from any corner of the world.



Stages To Becoming A Mobile App Developer 

Leading towards the career as mobile app developer, the apps made by you tends to be written in varied programming languages like Objective C, C++, C# or Java. While choosing language, the factors that need to considered are the opted mobile platform and OS for creating the apps. In this case, learning JAVA can help you develop your own mobile apps.

The hiring team now a days focus more on the ones who holds bachelor’s degree in any one of the below given fields :

  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Computing
  • Computer Science

The Training Programs

The below given are the options available for training programs to develop as an App Developer :

1)  College/ University

2)  Online Training

There are online training providers who give training in mobile app development. Simplilearn offers training courses like Certified Android App Developer and Certified iOS App Developerwhich will help professionals get the best updated knowledge in the domain.

3)  Certifications – Currently there are only three certificates in mobile development that you can attain :

  • CompTIA Mobile App Security+
  • OCA (Oracle Certified Associate)
  • OCP (Oracle Certified Professional)

The Pay outlook 

Depending upon your experience, whom are you working with, usage of your programs for mobile app development ultimately decides your annual pay. The pay package for developers rovers between lakhs.

Roles & Responsibilities as an App Developer 

You will be:

  • Responsible for developing applications, inclusive of testing and improving them.
  • Keeping a check on the Quality and functionality of apps as per your clients’ requirements.
  • Working on the codes for varied apps.
  • Design and develop the app’s interface.
  • Communicate ideas and designs with team members
  • To come out with an immediate solution to arising problems, provide support for your app
  • Devise fixes and workarounds for any issues that arise



Who will you be working with ?

  1. Analysts
  2. Project managers
  3. Software engineers
  4. Other app developers


Benefits of being a Mobile App Developer

  • Increased demand for the skill
  • Handsome Pay
  • Progressive Growth of Android App Users
  • Varied Job Options
  • Opportunities to test your skills
  • Freedom and Flexibility of working as per one’s choice
  • Constant demand of big organisation
  • Open Source Platform
  • Beneficial Online Community
  • Easy Learning & Implementing Process









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