How To Study Effectively For Exams

  • 03 Jan , 2019
  • Admin

Exams on head, and the syllabus is all left !! This is what majority of the students face in their schools or colleges. Students are often relied on last moment study where they force themselves to stay awake study for long hours and still at times they are not able to perform well in the exams. The reason behind their underperformance is not their last moment studies or lack in preparation, but all the lack is in studying smartly using certain tips and techniques.

Here are few tips and techniques which can make you end moment long study session more effective and help you to increase your concentration during your exams:

  • Focus on less at one go :

Avoid taking large portion of study at one go, instead take small portions of study and be thorough with it post which you can move on the next topic. Focusing on the large portion at one go can lead to confusion at the last moment and can also be tiring for your brain.

  • Take breaks in between :

Avoid studying for a long stretch keep taking short breaks in between engrossing yourself in some fun activities. While you are on break keep you mind away from the thoughts of exam stress as only this will help you focus when you get back to your studies.

  • Keep shuffling the subjects :

Studying for long hours and that too a single subject can become quite tedious for the students. Instead it is advisable to keep shuffling the subjects. Plan your daily schedule before you begin with your studies everyday and try involving different subjects throughout the day.

  • Focus on the important material :

Studying during the last hours will never let you finish the entire syllabus. Considering which it is preferable to be thorough with only the important notes which you think have more chances of being asked in the exams.

  • Write and Learn :

While you are just reading your chapters, if you mark the important points it becomes easy for you to refer during your last minute revision and also the highlighted point is imprinted well in your mind.  Make a habit of writing down the important points in a book as this will never let you forget those points.

  • Practice old exam papers :

Old is gold, this can even be implied during the examination. Practice more of old examination papers as that will give you an idea of the question pattern and you can also manage the timing of finishing the paper.

  • Use more of visualisation :

While you are trying to learn lot of points visualisation works the best in this case. Convert your answers in form of diagrams and charts this will help you remember the points and will be easy to recall your answers during the examination.


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