Importance of English Language in Business Communication

  • 24 Dec , 2018
  • Admin

English is one of the most difficult language to be used. Learning English is not a tough job, but using accurate English in our speech is definitely difficult task. In today’s world, considering the rapid development of the people English has now become mandatory language for all of us. The ones who are lacking in English find themselves left out in the world. They start facing hurdles as they move ahead with their lives. The importance of English is not yet understood by many of the people. English is called to be the second language of this world. Majority of the business communication are done in English. Majority of the companies are looking for employees who are well versed with English and they ensure to hire only the ones who are good English Speakers. The below given points will clarify you in a better way on the importance of English in Business :

1)  As English is an acceptable language in most of the countries in the world, the one who are good with English for such people the doors of business opportunities opens up on its own. Business demands you to communicate with different people from different countries; English makes your communication easy and effective.

2)  Not only the oral communication but even the written communication is being done in English only. Business will engross you in a lot of written communication which will by default will be in English Language only. Good command over English will ultimately lead to an increase in the productivity of business.

3)  English language will unlock the doors of varied business opportunities. In this competitive world, people are now looking for the ones who are great with their English Communication Skills. Considering which many companies have put down the condition of clearing the English Proficiency Examination before the employees are hired for the job.

4)  Considering the international significance of English across the globe, English is being promoted in majority of the countries.

5)  More than 95% of websites are written and created in English added to this majority of data storage in the computers is also done only in English Language.

6)  English is now the prominent language of the many fields including Art, Film, Music, books, Science, government, Travel and Tourism, news etc.

7)  English is the global language for trade and commerce in the world.

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