Latest Technologies In Software Engineering 2018

  • 03 Dec , 2018
  • Admin

In this high technology world change is constant; lot of changes keeps on pouring in. Something launched today might get updated tomorrow. Keeping up with the changing trends at this pace is indeed a challenge for all the software developers. The only thing which can help you stand out of the crowd is the realizing the potential and the capability of the technology which can have a long term influence on the market.

As we have now entered the technological era of 2018, it is important to know the latest technologies in the Software Engineering 2018. The top 5 latest technologies in Software Engineering this year is as follows:

1)  Artificial Intelligence is hitting the market hard :

AI is ruling the business world, and now it has become very important for all the business no matter small, medium or large to adopt AI so as to keep them updated and sustain their position in the competition. Smartphones, Big Data, Voice activated virtual assistants all are rising high in the market as they have adopted AI at an early stage. AI is sure to help the business in certain ways like brining Automation in large scale processes currently managed by the manpower, offering digital experience to the customers, bringing the change in value proposition by introducing AI enabled products.

2)  Virtual Reality has now become a Trend :

VR headsets caught the market’s interest in the year 2017, but market took a lot of time to understand the technology result of which was less adoption of VR. But this market is expected to get an expansion this year. Facebook in the name of Oculus Rift and HTC in the name of Vive have introduced their VR headsets. VR of both the companies are now going to be lighter and will also be offered in the market at much lower price. VR is expected to make some place in people’s daily life.

3)  Internet of things will now go to the mainstream :

Today almost everything is about data. Each and every single thing we use in our day-to-day life has got the capability to collect data. Various devices collect data which aids the IT companies to explore the possibilities of processing data in a faster and cheaper way. This will ultimately enable IoT devices to undertake real time analytics especially where the network connectivity is low. Edge Computing will be made possible where data will be processed at the edge of the network or near the device with the help of mesh of micro data centers.

4)  Cyber Security will now become stronger :

All the big, medium, small organizations have security on the top of their mind. This has ultimately increased the demand for security. Business expresses their need for cybersecurityinternally and also externally. Considering this lot of cybersecurity start-ups have taken place an even Venture Capitalists are supporting the start-ups with funding. For each and every business security has now become core essential aspect to be considered at each of their steps.

5)  Demand of Blockchain Developers is increasing :

Blockchain has become a familiar term this year all because of the crypto currencies existing in the market. In 2017, many big technology giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle have introduced their blockchain platforms. Even IBM is planning to collaborate with banks for leveraging blockchain. This will attract the business to invest in app development on blockchain platforms. Blockchain applications have got the potential to strengthen the business processes.

As 2018 is expected to run around these trends, Software Developers will have to focus on these trends to sustain in the market competition. To keep yourself updated with all the current trends in the market, check AYM is a well known institute offering Web Development Courses and Web development Training.