Role of Education in Civilizing Mankind

  • 03 May , 2018
  • Admin

Activities imparting knowledge or skills are called to be Education. The process involving the transmission of accumulated knowledge, values & Skills from one generation to the other one routing through varied institutions very well defines Education. Education evolved from the human struggle fighting for their survival. Pre historic times witnessed informal educational system which involved general social process which helped the general public to acquire knowledge and skills which help them to function in their respective culture. Whereas formal education is called to be the process which involves teachers instructing the students in their studies.


Evolution of the Education:

Before the arrival of Formal Educational System which involved Reading and Writing and forced people to survive in an environment which demanded them to fight against the animals and other humans. In order to survive, the people at that time developed the skills on their own growing in cultural and educational patterns. The skills then kept on passing from the adults to the children and then the following generation.  For our ancestors, gathering the food, making the weapons, acquiring the values, behaviour and religious practices was called to be the Education.

Informal Education is used more often by the Parents, Elders and Priests who taught the children with the skills which helped them to grow into an adult. People in ancient times used Oral Tradition and more of Story Telling to pass their culture to the coming generations. With the help of the language people then developed the art of creating and using Symbols, words, signs in order to express their ideas. Turning these symbols into pictographs and letter, that was when our ancestors created a written language.


Role of Education in Civilising Mankind :

Supplier of knowledge, imagination, information, ideas, values and ethics is what define Education well. When a man starts acquiring education, their knowledge is refined which helps them to grow themselves as an independent and confident human. Education does not restrict itself to just Reading and writing, it is a vast field altogether which involves thinking, learning, reasoning and practical experiences. Education holds the right power to transform and change the entire world.

  • Education has transformed the man into a developed human being from his hunting life. Along with developing personal skills, man has developed the lives of other people too.

  • Educational has helped the mankind in the every possible way. Even in field of research it has been a pioneer. With the help of Education and Right knowledge it has been possible for mankind to get control of all the diseases.

  • Education has always proved its impact on the Technological field which has made our life much more comfortable by serving us with the luxuries.

  • Not only this but now the man has even reached the moon and discovered all about the universe that has been possible only due to Education.

  • Education has broadened our views on every aspect of life giving us the right amount of information and knowledge.

  • The Growth & Development of nation is now dependent on Educational System. With increase in the number of education people, there will be development of the nation as well.

  • Education is not only about learning, it brings along lifelong experience too. Education has made our life simpler, easier and comfortable.

  • Education has also bridged the gap between the industry and academics. Added to this there is a rise of employment opportunities.



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