Self Study VS Coaching Classes

  • 08 Jan , 2019
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Cracking Engineering Courses for many of us is still just a dream, only the ones who are lucky ends up achieving their goal. Many of the students now a day’s rely on Engineering Tuition Classes due to the fear of not being able to outsmart the world’s toughest exams like Engineering Exams. Clearing such exams has always been a question to look into, but the trend can be defined by some of the outliers even without the Coaching Classes. As per the report published by IIT Delhi, the outliers was found to be on the rise according to the research which stated that 52% of candidates who have cleared JEE preferred self-study for IIT preparation compared to 48% who had opted for coaching institutes.

Before we proceed towards the comparative analysis, the below given region wise breakup of those who preferred self-study vs. coaching institutes for JEE preparation will give you a wider scope of clarification.

After getting a fair idea in terms of the statistics as stated above, lets now focus on pros and cons of both Self Study and Coaching Classes.




  • In the bunch of varied types of students, some of them are those lazy students who don’t wish to study on their own and prefers to enroll themselves in the tuition classes. With a matter of fact, that coaching classes involves lot many technicalities, it has been proven to beneficial the below given points is sure to make you feel the same.
  • An interaction or networking with a huge group of people with similar mindset is one of the best advantages of Coaching Classes. It can help to build a competitive environment which can ultimately double your efforts.
  • Coaching Classes serves you in an organised way indulging you in lot of practice and revision session which leads to the creation of a rock solid foundation for examination.
  • Coaching Classes keeps you updated with the syllabus changes or any other significant information which may be skipped when you involve yourself in self study.
  • Featured with time bound facilities and accurate conceptual clarity added with more than required study material keeps you on a safer side
  • The competitive environment will push you to bring the best out of you
  • Coaching Classes serves you with a readymade plan of studies. There is no need for you to plan your studies as all that is being taken care by them.


A Word of Caution :

Engineering Classes are featured with hefty price tag which needs to be taken care by all the students who are planning to enroll themselves in these Tuition  classes. It can increase the financial burden on the parents. Followed by this in case if you are not able to adjust yourself with their teaching pattern, serious problems can be encountered. With one-size-fits-all strategy of the coaching classes, they don’t pay individual attention to the students. They will just help you with the teaching part, efforts needs to come out from your end.




If you are determined to crack JEE , then it is advisable to prefer self study than opting for Coaching Classes. Despite of opting for coaching classes, Self Study remains to be the essential element to achieve success.

  • Cozy, Comfortable environment is what you get when you opt for Self Study. You are at an ease of studying at your choice of place and time.
  • Self Study is cost effective. Coaching Classes turns out to be expensive. With utmost determination and hard work, you might not have to spend even a penny on appearing for the exam again.
  • Running here and there for the classes, managing your time for self study can take away all your energy. Self Study helps to save your time and efforts.
  • Dependency on the coaching classes can be removed with the help of self study which can make you responsible of your syllabus solely.
  • Self Study makes you self confident and makes it easier for you to deal with any of the subjects or the course.
  • Self Study can be enhanced by the accurate use of Internet. It can help you a lot to understand the types of questions which you might have to face in the examination.
  • Self Study leaves you free from all sort of Stress and Tension. Coaching Classes tends to increase the burden by turning the easy concepts into the difficult ones.


A Word of Caution :

Staying focused and avoiding day dreaming is the demand of self study. It is time consuming process needing lot of R & D to help you in your success. Utmost discipline and planning is the major need of Self Study. Coaching classes provides the required study material and list of FAQ’S which makes it easier to help you with where to focus on.

difference between Coaching classes & self study

To conclude, each student should consider the above factors before they make their decision. Give mock tests and solve as many questions as you can. That will give you a fair idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are. If still the dilemna persists check out website or walk in our institute seek an appointment with the Instructor available at the center. You would be better informed !