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  • 03 Dec , 2018
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IT sector has seen rapid growth in the market. It is called to be the largest private sector market. A person looking to build his/her career in IT field will be having lot of options available to dive into the pool of opportunities. IT sector has got lot of career opportunities available. As per a research, it was stated that Information Technology Sector employs more than 5 million individuals of which one million is women. The contribution of IT sector is 54% of all the fields in the Indian GDP. The demand of IT ability is increasing in the world. Considering this, to fulfill the increasing demand there is also a need of supply of capable IT employees who can serve well in the market. With this there is much scope of IT sector in the near future. Also IT sector is expected to generate maximum job opportunities across the globe. With this fact stated many youth are now proceeding towards IT sector with the motive of building their career more effectively. But before they finalize on the IT field to start their career with, it is important for you as a student to know and understand different Career Options available in IT courses being offered in the market. This will help you make a right choice as per your capabilities and talents. The 10 best IT courses available in the market are as follows :

1)  Mobile app Development :

Each one of us has clearly witnessed growth in the application development industry. Our lives at present are surrounded with smartphones filled with applications. Lot of new applications are launched every day. Some of the apps are pre installed and some need to be downloaded.

Why is Mobile App Development course Important ?

Majority of the business firms, be it big or small are now moving their focus more on mobile applications rather than developing a mobile friendly website. To take business across the globe, mobile app is now the major source of doing so. With increasing need of mobile applications simultaneously the demand of mobile app developers will increase too. This has increased the future scope of this sector.

Qualifications needed for Mobile App Development Program :

  •  C
  •  C++
  •  C#
  •  Objective C

Future Career Options after doing this course :

  1. App Designer
  2. Project Supervisor

2)  UI / UX Development Frameworks :

To make designs, developers use the front end development framework that comprises of production ready CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript parts. This course is all about study of website design focusing majorly on developing the cross browser and also working on improving the look of user interface. You also get to access the ready product structures including Bootstrap, Angular, CSS and also HTML. If you wish to pursue your career in building Website, Mobile and other web apps, then this program will be most beneficial to you in your future career. 

Why is UI / UX Development Frameworks course Important ?

UI focused majorly on interface design and UX is for user experience style. If you will master in this course, it will then help you to make a well organised user interface. UI/UX frameworksare responsible of looking into everything starting from communication to visual design. All the organizations and the entrepreneurs are trying their hands on front end developers.

Qualifications needed for doing this Program :

Knowledge in programs like HTML 5, CSS 3 and also the JavaScriptExpertise in Photoshop, Bootstrap and also Dreamweaver.

Future Career Options after doing this course :

The career options for this program along with a degree of UI/UX Development Frameworks ( HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap and so on ) will include :

  1. Developer
  2. Assistant Programmer
  3. Senior Developer

3)  Database Administrations (DBA) :

DBA is the most important process that needs to be followed in the software field of computing. Despite of being fully automated, DBA requires regular human intervention.

Why is this course important ?

The business today is all about Data. Managing a company without data is next to impossible. Considering the importance of Data, it is important that the data is well maintained and organised. DBA is the one who does all this. DBA completely looks into efficient database management.

Qualifications needed for doing this program :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science

Future Career Options after doing this course :

Future Job Scope is in Computer System Service, Management Organizations and IT Sector Companies.

4)  Digital Marketing :

The concepts like SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Conversion rate Optimization, Mobile Marketing etc come under Digital Marketing.

Why is this course Important ?

This course will take you a step ahead and will prepare you well for Online Marketing Certified Associates, YouTube Marketing, Facebook, GoogleAdWords, Google Analytics Certifications etc.

Qualifications needed for this course :

  • Undergraduate course in Computer Science
  • Good command over internet knowledge, communication skills and sufficient knowledge about websites.

Career Scope after doing this course :

You can start your career by becoming:

  1. Virtual Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Digital Marketing Expert

5)  AWS :

This course details about strategizing and ranking the AS cloud execution with Amazon’s best practice. This course delivers all the required information regarding the Amazon Web Services.

Why is this course important ?

As this course has evolved few years back, the demand of this course is more compared to the supply. Companies value AWS as they want to protect themselves from all the possible risks faced during implementation of AWS Projects.

Qualifications needed for this course :

  • Certification in AWS course
  • Bachelor’s Degree on Associate Level

Career Scope after doing this course :

After completing this course, the doors of following field will then be open for you :

  1. PR and Marketing
  2. Operations Engineers
  3. Data Centres
  4. Software Development Engineers and Managers
  5. AWS Supports
  6. Tech Products
  7. Program Managers

6)  Web Programming / Application Development :

This course will make students aware with all the required information and knowledge of Web Applications procedure. It also makes them aware with understanding the technical need and concepts of the clients.

Why is this course Important ?

This is a short term course and after its completion, many public and private companies can hire you for their online and other web development works.

Qualifications needed for this course :

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s Degree if needed.
  • Basic knowledge of coding courses like of .Net, Pearl, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP, Java

Career Scope after doing this course :

  1. After completion of this course, you can work as:
  2. Freelancer in a web designing company
  3. Front End Web developers
  4. Back End Web Developers
  5. Web Designer

7)  Project Management : (PMP)

PMP is all about the abilities and the skills required to manage and direct lead projects. Project Manager undertakes the projects deliver efficient and positive outcomes.

Why is this course Important ?

To pursue Project Management as your career, it is important to have PMP certification. On completion of this course and accomplishing the certification you can start with Planning, Implementing, Monitoring, Controlling and Wrapping a project successfully.

Qualifications needed for this course :

  • Graduation Certificate
  • Good command over communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Good command over computer and internet

Career Scope after doing this business :

You can pursue Project Manager as your career. This certification is globally acceptable which makes it easy for you to get jobs in the market.

8)  Software Quality Testing (SQT) Automation :

SQT automation is a process where the pre scripted tests are being implemented before taking it to the production stage. It is useful in checking the efficiency, efficacy and coverage of thesoftware testing.

Why is this course Important ?

Automated Testing tool will help you to playback predefined and pre recorded activities based on which comparison is made between the desirable results and the attained results.

Qualifications needed for this Course :

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Advanced Training in Programming, Developing & Implementing the software procedures and effectively using the equipment.

Career Scope after doing this course :

All the designations between Entry Level Executive Role to Senior Software Testing Engineerwill be open after completing this course.

9)  DevOps :

This course leads towards the enhancement of the developmental sills needed. It teaches us with the development and debugging the window services and also gives information about designing and testing the apps for windows smartphones.

Importance of this course :

Database is called to be the core aspect of a business information system. Considering this candidates of this course get an exposure to database objects and abilities which are used for creation of organization application. This course teach everything starting from data gathering, designing and development of the application to right discipline and attitude.

Qualification needed for this course :

  • Pre requisite degree in the field of Software Development
  • Degree in Linux/ UNIX or Java Command line
  • Sufficient knowledge of Java and Microsoft Technologies.

Career scope after doing this course :

  1. Software Developers
  2. Architects
  3. Dev Managers
  4. IT Professionals
  5. Deployment Engineers
  6. Technical Project Managers
  7. Operations Support

10)  Advanced Java Frameworks :

This course is designed to render complete knowledge to all those who wish to pursue their career as a Proficient Java Developer. This course imparts knowledge of Java Framework, Struts Framework, XML and also Web App Component Development with servlets.

Importance of this course :

This course will help you in getting real life Java Project experience. You will learn to construct apps using Java server pages, Session Beans, Servlets and more.

Qualifications needed for this course :

  • Basic Knowledge of Java Programming
  • Knowledge of languages like C and C++

 Career Scope after doing this course :

  1. Java Developer
  2. Java Video Gram Programmer
  3. Java Web Developer
  4. Java Webmaster
  5. Web Software Engineer

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