Web Design Vs Web Development

  • 23 Dec , 2018
  • Admin

Web Design & Web Development are terms often confused with each other and are interchangeably used by many companies. Many of us consider two different concepts to be the same and even offering same facilities. But this is not the case, Web Design and Web Development are two different concepts and has got different facilities to offers us with. Let’s understand both the concepts and the roles they play in a better way.


Web Design is everything about the website including its content, the way it looks or the way it works. All this is a part of Web Design. To put it in better terms, it is called to be a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a bundle of electronic files that leads towards the development of layout, text styles, colors, graphics, and utilization of interactive features that ultimately delivers the pages to your site visitors. Web Design is majorly focused on visual aesthetics and usability of a website and also the aspects related to UI / UX.

We Design is more of the experience a user gets when they visualise all what appears on the screens of the computer or the mobile device. The color, graphics, images, layout and typography altogether delivers the viewers with a digital experience.

Talking about the Web Designers, some of the skills and tools that sets them different from Web Developers are as follows :

  • Logo Design
  • Layout/Format
  • Branding
  • Color Palettes
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design
  • Placing call-to-action buttons
  • Wireframes, mock ups and storyboards
  • Adobe Creative Suite/ Photoshop/ Illustrator or any other design software


Many Web designers also have information of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as all this information helps when they try to pitch an idea to the team or fine tune by creating a mock-ups of a web app. Web Designers are also used to working with WordPress as they use it for inserting themes to the websites and widgets and all this is made possible even without writing a single line of the code.


Web Development comprises of all the tasks related with developing a website for hosting via Internet or Intranet. Web development is divided into two parts Front end and Back End. The front end also called as the client side helps in identification of how the designs mocked up by a designer will be displayed on the website. On the other hand, back end also called as server side of an application helps in accurate management of the data within the database and ensure serving of right data to the front end with the purpose of displaying the same on the screens. It mainly looks into the non design aspects of a website like coding and writing markup. The web development hierarchy is as follows :

  • Client Side Coding
  • Server Side Coding
  • Database Technology


Some common skills of a web developer is as follows :

  • Frameworks
  • CSS Preprocessors
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript


Front end web developers are not responsible of creating the mock-ups or work with typography or pick color palettes all this is being done in prior by the web designers. The job of the developer is give life to the mock ups. Designer with his knowledge create the design and Developer with his skills choose the right technology to deliver desired look, feel and experience to the final product.

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