What Is Required For Getting A Job In The IT Industry

  • 24 Dec , 2018
  • Admin

IT job seekers often face difficulty in finding the right type of job matching their skill and talent. But the important point to be taken care of is that in order to get the right job its not just the skills that will matter but the employers more often look for all rounder IT employees who are capable of working not just with computer, devices or IT infrastructures but can do much more beyond it.
The skills required to grab hold of IT dream job is as stated below :

Job Specific IT skills :

One of the most important skill required in the software development is Developer Operations (DevOps) and Javascript. DevOps can be defined as an ability to manage the server infrastructure with technologies including Chef and Puppet, which is powered by new methods of virtualization like Docker and Vagrant. Whereas the Javascript requires you to handle the responsibilities of increasing functionalities. Other skills which will grow your chances of getting good job is Git, Machine Learning, NoSQL, REST, Cisco UCCE/IPCC and Big Data Analytics.

IT Certifications :

Listing skills and your qualifications will not be enough for you to get the job, the IT recruiters look for the certifications. List of the basic certificates required is as follows :

  1. Adobe Certifications
  2. Cisco Certifications
  3. CompTIA Certifications
  4. EC-Council Certifications
  5. ISACA Certifications
  6. Microsoft Certifications
  7. Oracle Certifications
  8. PMI Certifications
  9. VMware Certifications
  10. (ISC)2 Certifications
  11. AWS Certifications

Certifications should be placed directly underneath the educational section mentioning the year of achieving it.

Generic IT Skills

Its not just the job skills that makes you the best of all, adding Generic skills to your current skills will turn out to be a cherry on the cake for you. Generic Skills involves varied skills like :

  • Project Management :

Project management is the basic skill than an IT employee should have. Project Management skillscomprises of basic skills like team environment, time management and project scope to the very complex skills of risk management, cost analysis and quality management.

  • Communication :

Communication Skills is a prerequisite not only for IT firm but for each and every field in our life. Command over your language can open doors to many good opportunities in your career. IT field demands you to be good at the context of basic and complex technical writing skills.  Technical documentation, such as writing basic ‘how to’ documents for your internal and external customers, is also very important.

  • Hold over Mobility Skills :

IT field demands you to bring in the revolution in the field of technology every single day, which requires you to be aware of the development process of the mobiles and get the complete understanding of the mobility.

  • Programming :

The employers while hiring checks your knowledge in terms of Programming.  Being an IT employee, you need to have basic knowledge of coding and programming.

  • Data Management :

IT field is all about managing the data well. With the massive data flowing in, your data management skills need to be strong enough to handle the management operations accurately.

If you have all the above skills then you are good to go, but if you lack in any of the skills then it is definitely a matter of concern. But you need not to worry; we at will help you train for your job interviews which are sure to get you Dream Job.